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Bees, wasps, and other stinging insects pose serious dangers to you and your family, but you can count on Brennan Termite & Pest Control Company for complete control of all common household insects.

  • Carpenter bees

  • Hornets

  • Yellow jackets

  • Wasps

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Honey bees are good for the environment and pollination, so we work with honey beekeepers to safely relocate their hives without killing them.

We've been in the pest control business since 1977, so we know what works effectively and what doesn't. Your home's treatment will be based on the nesting habits of the specific invasive insects, so you'll get precisely targeted applications.


Yellow jackets are more common in the late summer months and they prefer to build their nests inside your walls or under your overhangs. We'll go after them with microinjection treatments.


Hornets nest in trees or bushes. Once we locate their volleyball-sized nest, we'll spray it and completely remove it to make sure they're gone.


Sand wasps burrow into the ground around your home. To get rid of them, we'll visit your home during the day and inject a gas into the ground. Once we cover the holes to prevent them from exiting, the sand wasps die in their nest.

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Complete bee and wasp control

Control of all stinging pests

Careful honey bee removal

Diverse treatments for a variety of insect species

Protect your family from wasps, bees, and other stinging insects