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As fall and winter approach, so do the crickets. Your house presents a warm, inviting place to live, but Brennan Termite & Pest Control Company has humane, environmentally friendly solutions to cricket invasions.

Crickets are more likely to invade your home from the end of August to the beginning of winter. If you spot them, call us at 516-221-6329.

You get our satisfaction guarantee on every pest control job we do. Call today to ask for details!

We'll lure crickets away from your home by sprinkling food bait around the exterior. It's a more humane treatment than traps or sprays.

Crickets are voracious invaders that eat just about anything, especially carpet and clothing. With our reliable pest control services, you can keep these nuisances outdoors.

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Environmentally friendly cricket control

Autumn's unwanted guests

Humane food bait

Protect your carpet and clothing

Are chirping pests keeping you from sleeping soundly?