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If your dog or cat picks up even a couple fleas, your whole house can quickly turn into a flea circus. Brennan Termite & Pest Control Company can provide potent, non-toxic flea control for your home from bottom to top.

We recommend that you take your pet(s) to a veterinarian for flea treatment when we spray your home. Without treatment, the fleas on your pet(s) will re-infest your home.

You get our satisfaction guarantee on every pest control job we do. Call today to ask for details!

Your home will be treated with our non-toxic, 4-stage strategy to ensure that we get all the fleas. Unlike wasps or bees, fleas nest everywhere, so thorough treatment is essential.

Fleas feed on blood, which causes discomfort and itching. If you find yourself scratching without other causes (allergies, for example) or see your pets scratching themselves, you may have a flea infestation.

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Powerful, non-toxic flea control for your whole home

Works best with vet care

Our safe, 4-stage strategy

Identifying a flea infestation

Did Fido fetch some fleas while you were playing in the park?

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