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If squirrels, rats, or mice have invited themselves into your home, Brennan Termite & Pest Control Company has 40 years of experience to put to use in removing them. We've used a variety of methods to control nuisance rodents since 1977.

For mice that have invaded your home, we typically use glue traps to catch the mice. You never have to hear the jarring snap of a traditional spring-loaded trap.

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To catch rats around your home or shed, we'll use baiting stations that offer rats tantalizing poisonous treats. We'll monitor the stations.

When you have us take on the squirrels in your home, we'll provide hard traps that allow you to remove the entire unit, including the squirrel carcass inside of it. We'll strategically locate the traps where squirrels nest such as attics, garages, and other locations around your home.

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Experienced control for mice, rats, and squirrels

Traps that target mice

Bait formulated for rats

Confinement designed for squirrels

You don't have to share your home with mice and rats

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