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Your home may be in jeopardy and you might not even know it. Termites can live within your walls and destroy the timbers of your house long before you know there's an infestation. Brennan Termite & Pest Control Company can identify termite infestations and protect your home with a variety of effective treatments.

  • Swarming termites

  • Soft, spongy wood

  • Mud tubes (usually near the foundation)

  • Dark or blistered wood

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Are termites silently destroying your home?

Our specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your home. We'll check for wood debris in the places termites typically dwell such as your basement, crawlspace, and foundation.

If we find signs of termite infestation, we'll review them with you and discuss a plan of action designed to protect your home. Solutions usually involve one or more of the following treatments:

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Effective termite detection and prevention

Telltale signs of termites

Thorough inspections

Specialized termite-targeting treatments

  • Applying liquid termiticides to the foundation areas near the termites' nests

  • Applying expanding foam treatments that reach critical areas and provide additional protection

  • Placing baiting and monitoring stations to provide continuous protection

Since protecting your home is of utmost importance, we try not to create additional damage by drilling unless it's absolutely necessary. After your initial treatment, we'll provide continuous monitoring and remain on guard against further infestation.

When you have us solve your termite problem, you get our 1-year renewable guarantee. After the first year, you can renew the guarantee for ongoing protection against termites.

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